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The Bigfoot Project Instructions

Aim your weapon with your mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Scroll using the mouse.

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The Bigfoot Project is an entertaining and intense hunting game that puts you in the role of Bigfoot as you try to take revenge on the folks killing all of his little woodland friends. It's important to make sure, though, that you only shoot auditors for ad agencies and rednecks. They are your enemies and should be your only targets; aside from the occasional jug of moonshine. They aren't the only figures that will pop up in your line of sight though. Beavers and park rangers will also appear. Beavers and park rangers are your friends. Basically, shooting rednecks and auditors is good. Shooting beavers and park rangers is bad. That's really what sets this game apart from most of the other hunting games online and makes it so intense. You need to keep your eyes open. You need to stay focused. You need to pay attention. Just aiming and firing as fast as you can isn't going to get you anywhere. You need to be careful. That's the only way to get through this game with a good score.

While the goal of The Bigfoot Project is fairly simple, actually achieving that goal can be hard if your shooting skills aren't up to par. You want to get the highest possible score you can get before you get killed yourself. To do that, you'll need to shoot as many surveyors and rednecks as you can before they shoot you. The problem is, you lose points every time you hit the wrong target. Because the game is in black and white, it can be hard to tell the difference between friend and foe when you first begin playing. Take a few moments to look at the pictures before you begin playing. Look closely at what the park rangers look like. It isn't hard to spot the beavers so you don't really need to pay attention to them as much. Instead of focusing on memorizing what the bad guys look like, focus on remembering what the good guys look like. There are only two different designs for the park rangers - a male and a female. When you begin playing, anyone that isn't a park ranger is an enemy and is therefore safe to shoot. There are several different types of enemies you need to take out - male and female - to focusing on recognizing the good guys is easier than focusing on remembering the different designs for the bad guys.

The key to getting a high score in The Bigfoot Project is not only focusing on who you shoot but also where you shoot them. You have a moment or two when each new bad guy appears to focus your shot and take them out. They start with their heads down, so use that time to aim. Headshots are worth far more than body shots so go for headshots as often as possible, especially in the beginning of the game. Later, when things start getting more difficult, focus on surviving. You can only get hit by three shots before your game is over (indicated by the Bigfoot tracks at the top left of the game screen) so it becomes far more important to take out the bad guys before they have the chance to hit you. In addition to headshots, you can also shoot the jugs of moonshine that fly across the screen. They're a little hard to get and move fairly quickly but they offer a great point bonus. If there are bad guys on the screen you need to deal with, take them out first but if you have time, go for the moonshine.

Overall, The Bigfoot Project is an engrossing and entertaining hunting game that will keep you on your toes from beginning to end. Newcomers to hunting games are likely going to have a hard time with this one simply because it requires you to have fairly decent shooting skills. That doesn't mean newcomers shouldn't attempt it though. Because of the format of the game, you can play through the game as many times as you want to develop the skills you need to do well in the game. With enough time and patience, you'll be able to do well. Experienced players are going to love the challenge the game presents and the ability to try to beat their own score. This is really a hunting game anyone can play and enjoy regardless of skill or experience level. If you love hunting games, don't miss this one!