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Trapshoot Instructions

If you have played shooting or hunting games before, you shouldn't have any trouble playing Trapshoot. Just like other games in the genre, Trapshoot is played entirely with the mouse: (1) move your scope or crosshair by moving your mouse. (2) Aim for your targets... fast moving targets to be precise. (3) Hit the left click button to shoot and take it out. That's about everything there is as far as control schemes go. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Trapshoot Walkthrough

Well, what do you know? Some guy named Billy Bob Doolie just invited you to his ranch along with his buddies to do some shooting! I get the 'shoot' part of the title. BUT the 'trap' part? Maybe I'm missing something? Anyway, going back to the game, when you start it, you need to choose your player. There are 4 players to choose from: (1) There is the bald Heinz who needs eyeglasses to see well. That should warn you about his shooting skills. (2) Next, we have the French guy named Pierre. (3) Following him is the owner of the ranch Billy Bob who is so sure that there is no one else better than him when it comes to shooting. (4) And last BUT not the least, there's Giles who looks like have hunted down A LOT of chickens... enough for him to mimic their squeals when being chased and shot.

Well, it doesn't really matter who you pick. All 4 guys shoot the same and sport the same hunting rifle so how well or bad you will fare depends all on your shooting skills (or lack thereof). The objective of the game is as straightforward as it could get: shoot your targets as soon as possible and by spending the least number of bullets possible. There are 3 levels of difficulty in the game: (1) There's the easy mode where you need to shoot clay pigeons. The clay pigeons, while fast moving, travel in a straight direction. They don't swerve or try to dodge your aim. BUT personally, I had more troubles taking out these clay pigeons. (2) Next, we have the medium difficulty level. Here, you need to take out Chickens. While these guys can't fly, they are fast. And they change directions pretty quick in an effort to confuse you or dodge your bullets. However, since they are not as fast as the clay pigeons (at least that's what I think), I find this level easier than the previous one. (3) Last BUT not the least, in the hard level, you have to shoot the tricky tin cans. How tricky can these targets get? That's for you to discover.

OK, time for a little handholding through the stuff at the bottommost part of your screen. On the left most part, you have your pack of bullets. You have 6 for every stage. Next to it is the counter that shows your total score. Following that, the colored squares are indicators of your targets and how many of them you should take out. The red are the live targets and the green ones are the targets you have hit. Naturally, you want all of those squares to go green. BUT as you may have guessed, that's not an easy feat to pull off. By the way, there are 10 rounds in the game. Each time you successfully wipe out all of the targets in a round, the number of targets you need to shoot down in the next round increases by one. There's also a number indicator telling you which round you are in.

Some notes about the scoring system: the earlier you shoot your target, the more points you earn for it. This is one of those first-person perspective hunting games. The targets would come from the bottommost part of the screen and they would scramble all the way up until they look nothing but a speck in the screen. As soon as a target appears, go for it. BUT remember, in every round, you only have 6 bullets so better make those shots count.

As for the graphics and sound effects, it's A-OK. It's not spectacular BUT it's good enough. It very well fits the nature of the game - it's casual. Yes, just like most hunting games out there, Trapshoot is a casual flash-game. You can pick it up when you are not busy, play it for a couple of minutes, set it aside when you need to do something far more important than shooting chickens, tin cans, and clay pigeons, rinse and repeat.

If you find yourself dying of boredom, give Trapshoot a shot. Perhaps the sound of squealing chickens, exploding clay pigeons, and gun fire should wake you up. ?