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Turkey Shooting Instructions

As with most hunting games out there, Turkey Shooting is played entirely with the mouse. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go: a couple of clicks to get the game started, move the mouse to aim for those turkeys, click to take them out, rinse and repeat. That's about everything you need to know about the controls. Now, let's take a closer look at the game.

Turkey Shooting Walkthrough

Turkeys - we all know this large poultry bird. Whether we are talking about domesticated or wild turkeys, they all look the same - they are four times the size of your average rooster and have tail-feathers like that of a peacock. And let's not forget: in many parts of the world, these large birds are the 'regulars' in the dining table when Christmas season comes. Not to mention a Thanksgiving celebration in Canada and US won't be complete without roasted turkeys.

BUT what if you have so many of them and they have gone berserk? There's only one way to deal with it - hunt them down! And that's exactly what this hunting game - Turkey Shooting, is all about. The turkeys are coming out of the woodwork and there's just too many of them for the owner to handle. You, together with your bow and arrow, have been hired to shoot down as many turkeys as you can in this hunting game. What will the owner do with the dead turkeys? I don't know. BUT that hardly matters. You are hired to get the job done so do it! By the way, there's a time limit so you should be quick in dealing with these escaping poultry birds.

If you have played Duck Hunt back when you are a kid, the game play will be very familiar to you... except that you are shooting down turkeys instead of ducks. And you don't have a non-human side kick to laugh at you when you miss.

The game play is very simple: use your mouse to aim. See that power bar at the lower right corner of the screen? That's the power bar. The longer you hold down the left click button, the more 'oomph' your shot will have. Now if that sounds too simple, don't forget that there is a time limit. Along with that, for every level, you need to take out a certain number of turkeys in this hunting game. Reach the quota and you move on to the next level. Miss it even by a mark and you are fired. It's game over... but you can always start from square one of course. Toss in the fact that the turkeys will run for it and you have a quite challenging hunting game.

In the first 2 or 3 levels, everything is quite breezy. You need to take only a handful of turkeys - 10 to 20 or somewhere in between. PLUS, the time limit is pretty forgiving. You won't lose the game when you miss a shot or two. HOWEVER, after that, the difficulty ramps up really quick. True, your time limit increases later on, BUT so does the number of turkeys you need to shoot down! Along with that, the turkeys escape and disappear faster in the later levels.

One reminder: forget about the turkeys coming out of the front wood works. I'm not sure if it's a bug or you need to have a certain power to your arrows / shots (which unfortunately I'm yet to discover). I wasn't able to hit a single turkey coming out of the front-row wood works. YES, you read that right. NOT a single one! Whether it's a bug or those turkeys require special timing or something to kill, you would do better focusing on the turkeys from the other rows.

Well, that's about it! If you are bored and shooting down turkeys cheer you up, give this hunting game a shot. You'll like it.